About Our Studio

“Yujyate Anena Iti Yoga”
Yoga Joins the individual consciousness to the universal consciousness

Our modern lifestyle has caused us to sit more on our desk, in front of the computer and using mobile more instead of moving around. The personal life, professional life putting extra pressure on mind and the body. This has caused a lot of damage to our well being. As a result of this lifestyle we have develpoed Depression, Mood swings, Anxiety, Headaches, Chronic pain, Changes in appetite, Irregular thoughts, Bad posture, tense muscles, Limited range of motion and many other physcial mental imbalances.

Our Practice

The different practices we developed at Fitfortunes are an excellent example of traditional breathing patterns , yogic kriyas and asanas, which are developed by our modern world as primal movements, joint conditioning, HIIT, Myofascial Release, Postural corrections etc. These practices are perfect and best suited for the modern lifestyle which requires a person to sit for 8 to 10 hours at a stretch.

At Fitfortunes we work to help you compensate for the lack of movement while also reconditioning your breath and nervous system to elicit a natural pattern. With the correct combination of asana, pranayama , mudra, mantra along with conjunction with other limbs, we help you to challenge yourself in a very easy way. We know that human body is made for continuous work and activity. But due to our modern lifestyle, we are unable to do so or we dont know what to do. To tackle this issue Fitfortunes offers many courses and practices such as-

Gurukul of Healthy Habbits

Yogic Chikitsa

Sabal and Saksham

Savasth Merudand

Prana Shakti


The Need

Over the last few years our team of Fitfortunes have experimented with various approaches around people to be healthy physically and mentally. To recover the daily life stress people hire different type of experts on daily, weekly or monthly sittings. So we mixed up a couple of old Yogic Kriyas and practices together for everyone. All of these could be practised safely and can be modified exactly according to the needs of everyone.
A comfortable mind and body allow us to function in a better way by letting us delve further into our subtle self and the fluctuations of our mind which keeps us in Maya. Practising more and more can give you better control over your emotions to ensure a peaceful mind. Fitfortunes works to provide you with this peace of the mind and relaxation of body.

Yogic Chikitsa

We also offer short and long term courses and therapeutic workshops which involve traditional practicies and could help you in learning self alignment, postural imbalances, pain management and myofascial release etc. These practices will work towards releasing the muscular and fascial knots in order to maintain your optimal body mobility, stability and muscle nourishment. All of our workshops are based on the fact that a comfortable body and mind is most essential for a person.

In “Chikitsa” workshops we aims to relieve you of all types of chronic pain while also helping you to regain your optimum health. It also involves stress and anxiety management along with the neck and back pain management With “Yogic Chikitsa” course we will cover the pain management as well as we help you to improve your pattern of movement and your Bandhas.
More detailed practice of Yogic Chikitsa involve core flow of your body, various elements of Vinyasa, finding the synergistic energy lines and muscular alignment during asanas.

We Specialize In

Sabal and Saksham

This workshop will help you to learn some traditional techniquies to attain more strength , Stamina and stability. Will help you attain a better self and will also improve your every practice. Over all we have something for everyone either they are a professional yoga teachers, beginners, learners or just need some time to nourish themselves.

Gurukul of Healthy Habbits

With the daily life practice we also share a passion for nature. Nature teach us purity and that encourages us to offer the Gurukul of healthy habits. Gurukul will help you to rearrange your daily schedule, habits and movement. Our Gurukul of Healthy Habbits is good for everyone who are looking for time for themselves.

Savasth Merudanda

In this Course we will learn about the spinal movments. How to maintain a healthy spine in this mobile era. This spinal structure provides the main support for our body, helps you to stand, move, bend, and twist, as well as protecting the spinal cord. Liquidity of spine is not really important but a healthy spine keeps you away from most of back, shoulders and lower limbs pain.

Prana Shakti

On the other hand, the Prana Shakti couse will helps you to become strong and re-establish the connection between your mind and body. We also help you to control your mind and pave a way for dhyana. This is where the true essence of yoga comes.


Some Important Rules & Regulations

  1. As a center of learning, we have boundaries and criteria with specific rules and regulations.
  2. All students are advised to follow our rules and regulations during the course.
  3. Every student is requested to fulfill the registration formalities and submit the required information and course fee before the starting of the course.
  4. Students can pay in Indian Rupees or in Dollars , Euros or Pounds.
  5. All questions in class must be related to the course syllabus.
  6. It is beneficial to the student not to engage in poses such as shoulder stands, head stands, viparitakarani and kapalbhati, uddiyan bandha, etc. during monthly period time. 
  7. All students are instructed to come to the class at least 5-10minutes before the scheduled timing of the class.
  8. All Teacher Training students are requested not to join in any other educational or hobby programs during their course with us
  9. Every student is requested to strictly follow the diet & guidelines as suggested by School. This is to help you gain the best experience possible.
  10. Please avoid spicy, non-veg meals outside of the course, as this is strictly not allowed within the ashram for the duration of the course. Students need to have only Sattvik food.
  11. We follow ancient yoga approach in ashram so our courses designed in such a way that the ethical practices are ingrained automatically in students. We follow the ancient “Gurukul System”.
  12. You will find the fundamental difference in the understanding of the yogic path with us. So the traditional teachings will differ from that of the West. After all, that is why you came to India right, to learn the traditional aspects of yoga.
  13. Decent and dignified behaviour is expected from all the students. Loud speaking, uttering indecent words, smoking and alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the school premises.
  14. Regularity and punctuality is to be maintained strictly. Discipline is an integral part of the training program.
  15. All students have to follow our discipline to fully experience the yogic way of living. Any kind of misbehavior with other students or teachers will be firmly assumed as breaking the code of conduct of our institution.
  16. The effectiveness of the course and the progress of students is based on the physical and intellectual capability of each individual as well as the standard of living of students. Hence, students should be fully devoted and obey all guidelines and disciplines of the yogic path.
  17. Any assistance which is needed by students will be discussed and offered, if possible.
  18. Please, use your class time efficiently and save all personal discussions for your spare time.
  19. At Fitfortunes – We respect all religions. However, religious discussions in a comparative way are not allowed in the institution as this may interfere with your yoga practice.
  20. Have an open mind and open heart. You are coming to a different country. The culture will be different, the people will be different. Please have an open mind set and accept the changes. Remember that the magic happens outside of your comfort zone. 
  21. When you enrol for our Courses, you affirm that you abide and comply these rules with full knowledge and understanding.


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