Meet Our Instructors


Pravesh Narwal

Yoga expert and Physical Manual therapist

Pravesh is one of the eminent yoga instructors who has acquired years-long experience in training yoga and body mechanics. Despite being a Yoga professional, Pravesh also has a B.Sc degree in Computer Science. In the other hand, he has completed an MBA in the field of Human Resources. 

Backed by the 3-year long experience of working as a Rehab worker for physically disabled people, he is rich with the knowledge of proper body movement in a practical way. Besides, his working in a hospital as an Orthotist for more than the last ten years has made him an expert to teach the right body alignment. 

Now, Pravesh is pursuing in Yoga. He has already achieved the certification of the Yoga Health Professional from the Ministry of Ayush. The best part is that he is highly trained as a StrongFirst Kettlebell instructor. He follows a unique technique to teach the traditional components of Yoga as well as he has mastered the skills of teaching Indian philosophy to the foreigners. 

With the comprehensive guidance of Pravesh, it is easy to get relief from all types of joint and muscle pain as he has successfully adopted the healing use of Yoga to cure any kind of body pain. His primary focus is on developing a more robust and healthier spine and joints so that people can enjoy a flexible body movement in their daily life. He is very good at teaching the essential alignments which are required to learn the right Yoga Postures. 

Devesh Narwal

Founding Team Member of FitFortunes

Devesh is a prominent Yoga and Body mechanics trainer. Who is trained by Shrivatsa Ramaswami of Shri Krishnamacharya tradition in the field of Vinyasa Yoga. Over time, he has acquired the experience of more than 2000 hours of training as a leading Yoga mentor.

He follows a unique technique of traditional Yoga combined with modern physiological exercises. That, helps the body to become healthy and allows the mind to be free. Besides Yoga, Devesh has a different approach to training that includes several breathing techniques and physical movement intending to develop a fit and healthy body.

Under his guidance, it is easy to come out of all the negative impacts of modern lifestyle and lead a happy and stress-free life. Devesh has his present class running at Rishikesh and provinding couple of other courses .

His advanced courses include Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa. Toksen and trigger point therapy are also unique techniques that are incorporated in the style of Devesh’s training. He proffers the best breathing techniques and meditation to release all the anxiety issues and provides a happy life. He has also got specialised expertise in Yogarambha methods.