7 Exercise Substitutions for Faster Fat Loss Without Going to Gym

7 Exercise Substitutions for Faster Fat Loss Without Going to Gym

So to start with everyone moving towards better health and Beach Body. And, in this self-care people first choice is joining a gym for exercise. Those highly equipped gyms with fantasy new school machines will easily make your body drooling until you start using them. And yes, they all offering you a good package and transformation dreams.
But, Transformation doesn’t come from machines, packages or from dreams. Transformation comes with a dedication to yourself.

Many people think joining a good gym is the first need to start their journey.  Nevertheless its a good choice for self-care. But what to do when you are not around to your favourite machines.

In fact, I Body weight exercises getting more popular nowadays instead of using exercise machines and one of the big reason is, It’s a functional movement and our daily life depends on our movements and mobility.

Function Movement

Now, the term “Functional movement” gets thrown around a lot in the fitness industry. However, it simply reflects activities and movement patterns in your daily life. Every such movement requires the use of your full body, right? So why eliminate it and train in a fixed range of motion with machines?

You see, the shiny, expensive machines at the gym may seem like the right idea, but it’s not necessary to get a time efficient, fat burning workout.

Want to be able to keep up with your kids for hours? Plus lose a ton of fat, build a better body, and not to mention, feel totally awesome?

Try these 7 simple exercises will help improve your coordination and core strength so you burn more calories and feel a million bucks. Moreover, you could do all of these at home or even when you are travelling around for some days.

1. Hip Machines – Lateral Lunges

Why? The fixed range of motion on the inner/outer thigh (aka adductors/abductors) machine targets one area on your hip. But there’s nothing remotely like these movements in real life! These muscles are designed for stabilizing – so that’s how you should train them.

Try lateral lunges instead. This exercise targets your glutes, inner thigh, hamstrings and quads – plus requires core engagement and integration. You will improve your hip mobility, lower body stability and burn more calories in the process.

Lateral Lunge

Lateral Lunge

2. Chest Press Machines – Push Ups

Why? Go for push-ups. This move is simply a moving plank (one of my favourite core exercises).

If you can’t do a full push up yet, make that your first goal. Start with an incline (raise your hands, rather than drop your knees to the ground). No girly push-ups, ok? Knees to the floor and you lose core involvement, which is a major component of a full push up.

Push Up

Push up

No problem busting out a ton of push-ups? Challenge yourself – try decline push-ups, Spiderman pushups or suspend your feet from a TRX and do Atomic Push Ups. Oohh my abs hurt just thinking about it. 😉

3. Incline Leg Press – Squats

Why? The leg press machine puts a ridiculous amount of force on the discs in your lower back. The expert research on this topic speaks for itself.

Dr. Stuart McGill has dedicated his whole life to researching lower back disorders and is a professor of spinal mechanics at the University of Waterloo. His book “Low Back Disorders” has quality research that suggests the 45-degree leg press machine could seriously damage your lower back.

Trx Squats

Trx Squats

Learn to love squats. Your bodyweight is the perfect resistance to start with. Work to improve your mobility, and core integration before you add weight to mix.

4. Glute machine – Step Ups

Why? Get a sexy butt without spending an hour at Barre class. Switch to step ups – there are plenty of variations to sculpt a lean, defined butt without stepping anywhere near a machine.

As a bonus, you engage your core at the same time and this movement transfers to your daily life. Climbing the stairs? It will be a breeze.

5. Leg Extension Machine – Lunges

Why? Target your quads, hamstrings and glutes all in one move. Isolating and training only your quads on the leg extension machine not only sets you up for muscle imbalances, but it causes excessive strain on your knee.

Once you have the basic lunge down, progress to reverse lunges and the Bulgarian split squat. Oohh good times. Expect burning quads. Sexy burning quads.


6. Bicep Curls Machine – Chin-ups

Why? The bicep curl is an isolated exercise, hitting one muscle group. Maximize your time and hit the whole upper body instead – yes, chin-ups are a tough exercise that requires multiple, large muscle group recruitment.

Pull ups

Pull ups

Struggling to pull your bodyweight? You can use a resistance band for assistance or do negative chin-ups. You will get stronger, burn more calories in less time and your biceps will look lean and sexy.

7. Elliptical/Treadmill Intervals – Bodyweight Cardio Intervals

Why? Getting tired of the same old interval workout? Yeah, I know intervals of “30s on, 30s off” gets awfully boring after a while…

Try doing these Bodyweight Cardio Accelerator Intervals instead. Why? Well, it’s WAY more fun. Plus, this style of workout combines big movements that hit multiple muscle groups at the same time so you boost your metabolism and burn a ton of calories.

You will also notice a dramatic difference in your metabolism after just ONE workout, and your body will start changing in days.

Get Bodyweight Cardio 500 here

If you’ve ever invested in a program, thinking you were getting “no equipment” workouts, only to find out later on that you actually needed a pull-up bar and a stability ball. You’ll be happy to know that with Bodyweight Cardio 500 you literally need ZERO equipment to rapidly lose fat.

The workouts not only allow you to sculpt your abs, but they will burn away your ugly belly fat as well.

Pull ups squats-685414__340 Push up Lateral Lunge Lunges

Selfcare is not Selfishness its a Need for Healthy Life

Selfcare is not Selfishness its a Need for Healthy Life

Do you feel guilty in considering yourself as a priority? Selfcare is not being selfish. It’s about loving your own-self. We are workaholic people running around to get things right. But for others. If you consider yourself to be the weighing machine, the heavier side always being the
selfless being.

Priorities over Selfcare

In other words, we always forget ourselves to please others. But its really hard and is not also a healthy way to love it. We think our self to be a wonder Man/Woman but end up being a crazy one. Because we think selfcare is selfishness. We try to cope up with the environment and result in doing amazing things. But, compromising our other areas. Compromising our relationship, our connection as well our well being. Find a self-care regime by making yourself a priority in your own world. It’s amazing to see the differences it makes. You will feel more lively, refreshed and calmer and love your life.
Sharing with you have habits that would change your life. Put them into your day without fail. Feel the difference. It’s your own job to look after yourself, your emotion as well as your mental well being.


So, First thing in Selfcare is Keeping yourself Physical fit. And, Yoga the easiest and stay at home option for you. Every early morning make yoga routine your habit. It will help you with improving your flexibility, posture, healthy joint and muscles along with your core strength. Moreover, You start feeling amazing as days pass by. You can keep it low starting slowly. Firstly give some love to your joints and rotate every joint in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction few rounds. Starting from wrists, elbows, shoulder, neck, opening up the chest, back and forward bend, spinal twist and side bend, hip rotations, knees, ankles. Followed by with some repetitions of Sun Salutation. start from 10-15 minutes in first go. Nevertheless, Once you feel a bit stronger increase it around 30 minutes at least. It not only makes you feel refreshed but also provides you energy all day long.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Now, after physical health lets move forward to be strong mentally too. Take things slow, notice things around yourself. Feel the presence where you live and experience the world around you. Take time to look around, look the trees, the people around you. Sometimes stop and greet people. Stop worrying and be in the present. Mindfulness is a life saver and stays mindful in every aspect. Mind what you eat, you drink. Enjoy every precious moment on every precious day. Practicing daily medication after your morning exercise is also very helpful. Go through a guided visualization turning your back in the sun.

Little Kid Doing  meditation

Little Kid Doing meditation

It takes 20-30 minutes from your day but leaves you with immense peace. Maybe at start your mind getting divert easily, or you feel uncomfortable in keeping your eyes closed. But, this is just the start. once you start from 3 minutes you could easily reach 30. Unite your body, mind, and soul. A strong mind makes a strong personality also helps with mood swings. So, yoga practice with some Meditation is need of you. Find some time for yourself morning or evening doesn’t matter.

Laughter and joy

Spend time with your precious person around you. Be silly, laugh and get yourself rolling on the floor. Drop any inhibitions, be playful and let yourself go. Bring laughter and joy into your life. Spend time with your partner, your children, and our friends.

Gardening or Nature Love

Getting out in the garden/park makes your soul musical. Meanwhile, It soothes your mind also nourish your soul. We get immense joy and satisfaction from the outcome itself. Not only this is selfcare but also a great way of releasing energy. And the most helpful part one
can spend his anger or frustration while gardening. Digging up the weeds is extremely helpful.

make a garden of your own

Making reading your habit

Try to get lost in a great novel feeling the story. Sit by a pool and give yourself
permission to enter the imaginative world. This would result in a big difference. And
here what you will challenge your work ethic. It not only gives a break from your
monotonous job but also put you in relief.


Water can make you calm and give immense pleasure. Walking along a beach or sitting by a pool soothes your soul. There are many things that would help you to maintain a balanced life. Apply them
as your self-care strategies. Be a better partner, a friend, and a better therapist. Before finishing it off, would like to mention a few things. This very change of yours may not accept gladly. Your friends and family may accuse you of being a bit selfish.

But don’t get disheartened, term it as SELF-CARE!!! You will feel great to see the ripple effect when you being the person, changes in the family system.

meditating-1894762__340 make a garden of your own

The 3 Gunas of Nature and Their Effect

The 3 Gunas of Nature and Their Effect

Gunas, As we all know The world around us is rich with various elements of nature or Prakriti. Similarly, nature around us is a perfect blend of forms, senses, and life. And each of these elements possesses their “Gunas” “गुण” or Quality/Property/kind/types.
These Gunas are a part of us humans and co-exist in different variations. Our food habits and personalities hence, reflect the dominance of the Gunas present within us.

The 3 Gunas Predominant in nature are Tamas, Rajas, and Sattva.

Tamas refers to darkness while rajas and sattva are individually activity and beingness. Each of these qualities has a significant effect on us, depending upon the combinations. For example, someone with rajas guna being predominant in them would be extremely active while another man with tamas would be highly chaotic.
According to our “Bhagavad Gita”, the Gunas or quality, however, can strike a balance. When there is harmony amongst all the Gunas in a being, they can reach an optimum amount of physical and mental fitness.

Bhagwat Geeta

Bhagavad-Gita revealed to Arjuna by Lord Krishna

The food we ingest also has an impact on the Gunas’ imbalance or harmony. In fact, certain ingredients can heighten a Guna while others reduce their effect.
Let us look at the characteristics of each Gunas in detail.

Sattva and Its Ingredients

In Bhagwat Geeta Sattava is defined as
नियतं सङ्गरहितम रागद्वेषतः कृतम् । अफलप्रेप्सुना कर्म यत् तत् सात्त्विक उच्यते

Niyatam Sangarahitam Raagadweshatah Kritam; Aphalaprepsunaa Karma Yattat Saattwikamuchyate.

Sattva or Satvik means Pure. If you’re able to achieve Sattva, it is then the ultimate liberation. Sattva is the state of serenity, happiness and rest. You’ll feel at ease with yourself. Which means Sattva has an effect on reducing the Tamas and Rajas guna, balancing them for the perfect harmony.

So, In Saatvik diet we include foods which comply with its meaning. Fresh fruits, beans, veggies, nuts, and herbs heighten the effect of Sattva Guna inside of us.

Tamas and Its Ingredients to Avoid

In Bhagwat Geeta Tamas as Defines as अनुबन्धं क्षयं हिंसामनपेक्ष्य च पौरुषम् । मोहादारभ्यते कर्म यत्तत्तामसमुच्यते 

Anubandham Kshayam Himsaam Anavekshya ch Pourusham, Mohadarabhyate Karma Yattat Taamasamuchyate.

Tamas or Tamasic is the embodiment of chaos. It follows no rules and defies the spiritual life and its meanings. It, of course, reflects in our attitudes such as ignorance, short temper, and anger.
In order to reduce tamas in our system, we need to maintain some good habits. Optimum sleep, healthy consumption, and a balanced activity schedule.
When it comes to Tamasic food, be wary of chemically preserved and canned food such as meat or fish.
Food which is dry, frozen or sans any taste has a negative impact on our mind. For example, if the canned meat does not taste fresh, we will feel irritated and dissatisfied.

Rajas and Ingredients to Avoid

In Bhagwat Geeta Rajas Defines as
यत्तु कामेप्सुना कर्म साहंकारेण वा पुनः । क्रियते बहुलायासं तद्राजस मुदाहृतम्

Yattu Kaamepsunaa Karma Saahankaarena vaa punah, Kriyate Bahulaayaasam Tadraajasa mudaahritam.

Action that is driven purely by craving for pleasure, selfishness and much effort is Rajasic. Rajas is a state of action. This means if you have a high amount of this Guna in yourself, you will feel overtly active and restless.
There will be not enough peace inside you. Overwhelming tasks such as overthinking, consumption of fried food and loud music can increase Rajas Guna.
Avoid Rajasic food such as deep-fried chops or spicy noodles. Moreover, all fast food comes in this Category. These have an adverse effect on our health as well as peace of mind. Most importantly, stay away from energy drinks as they can heighten the unnecessary energy.

Thus, These Gunas affect our psyche and create a disbalance, each dominating the other when we aren’t at complete peace. This in return can have us view incidents in a different light.
Balancing out the elements within us is the surest way of attaining peace.

Pancha Mahabhutas and Their Importance

Pancha Mahabhutas and Their Importance

Pancha Mahabhutas and Their Importance


Pancha Mahabhuta

Our lives are governed by different elements and sensations. How we think, consume and reciprocate to the universe around us depends upon the essence of the world.
These essences perceived by us as 5 elements. Known Panchamahabhutas.
According to Ayurveda, all objects in the universe including human body are composed of these 5 basic elements.
They govern our sensory nerves and help us achieve an understanding of our actions.
But, each of the Tanmantras connects to elements of nature. Akash(sky), Vayu(air), Aag(fire), Jal (water), Dharti(earth). They blend while giving us a simpler understanding of how each function works.

1.Ether (Akash)

Ether or Akash means infinite freedom. It is a limitless space with the power to create movement between objects and have them correspond, creating Shabda (sound), the ether Tanmantra.
When two atoms or objects physically touch, the small sound of thud or a tap is resonated throughout the space. It forms a frequency of soundwave which we feel through auditory senses.


2. Air (Vayu)

The function of air is to help elements relocate and travel. It is in constant movement, helping different molecules to come across each other creating a small touch. The Tanmantra for such a sensation is called Sparsha (Touch). The skin is sensitive and can perceive any small change over the surface. If there is an amount of pressure, drop of water or a fallen leaf the skin will sense it immediately and detect the different feel of different elements.


3. Fire (Tej)

Fire, Created through aggressive friction of two elements. When two elements touch during movement through Vayu, they might spark a heat and thus the birth of tej. This bright fire is blazing and a bright source of light. This light can be visualized in front of us with the help of Vision (Rupa). Rupa means the physical manifestation of an element which is perceived steadily.


4. Water (Jala)

Water brings about fluidity. it helps in connecting two molecules together which help both in a proper formation. The function of water, To glue two different objects to form one.
In the same way, the use of our mouth is to chew and identify what we have eaten. The Tanmantra, Taste (Rasa) helps in forming a taste once food reaches your mouth. It binds a dry element with water, making it easier to shape.
Jala helps a being taste food, understand the quality and appearance of the food inside your mouth and experience a sense of fulfilment. The saliva in our mouth acts as Jala in such a scenario.


5. Earth (Prithvi)

Earth, a solid mass. Hard on the outside, changes temperature along with seasons and has a solid foundation. So, A dense and hard structure to form on the surface of the earth. Parts of our bodies constitute of Prithvi. Our bones, muscles and physical strength are objects formed through the earth we live in.
How we perceive the earth is through our nose. Yes, our sense of smell (Gandha) helps in identifying objects around us with the sense of smell. Gandha helps in understanding the quality and quantity of objects around us through our nasal sensory.


Top 7 Places for Yoga Retreat in India

Top 7 Places for Yoga Retreat in India

Top 7 Places for Yoga Retreat in India

Yoga retreats, Spreading in India like never before. Before getting into discussion let me ask you a simple thing – Do you feel stressed out? In this modern era, our mind and soul scream out for peace. A regular stay at home in weekends can never provide you with such. So, all you need is to get yourself disconnected from the outside world. Yoga proves to be the best way to rejuvenate yourself mentally as well as physically.
But before you get to know about the yoga retreat places, let us know about some advantages we can get from this.

Yoga retreat – a place located far away from the muddled crowd.

These yoga retreats provide you with courses of detoxifying yourself. Also, Scheduled events, classes, specified meal plans under professional guides. At the end of the entire process, you will find yourself reconnected and energetic.
Hence, providing you with the 7 best yoga therapies. Which will help you to run away from your daily schedule. And, spend some stress-free life.

Bhakti Kutir in Palolem, Goa

Goa, Filled with medication centre and yoga retreats. Hence we find Bhakti Kutir at Palolem be the one to mention. This yoga retreat stands among the coconut grove dotted with straw huts and bamboo. Their small restaurant providing you with organic food and fresh fish. Apart from yoga practice, there are workshops organized by the outsiders. As well as, Ayurveda centre offering treatments under expert guidance. The sound of the beach waves with chirping birds added to the ambiance leaves you with an elevated experience.

Bhakti Kutir in Palolem

Rishikul Yogshala, Rishikesh

Rishikesh Yogshala, Considered to be one of the most promising yoga schools in our country. In addition they offering you with the most affordable wellness retreat packages in India. It’s has a perfect location, providing traditional yoga practices in an authentic style, customized and healthy meal plans along with free ayurvedic messages. What else you can ask for? The school is also said to have 300 – 400 trained yoga training programs in Nepal and Vietnam too. So don’t miss to train urself with some revered yoga gurus excelling in the field of Hatha and Ashtanga yoga

Rishikul Yogshala

Santhi Yoga, Kerela.

Kerela, Considered as, The motherland of spies and Ayurveda. The Santhi Yoga retreat many focuses on Ayurvedic treatment. Within a short week’s program, one can learn a lot about Ayurveda and how indulging them in your life can help us to lead a happy and healthy life. The attendees also get to know the effect of various spices and food, that has an effective significance in terms of Ayurveda.

Isha Yoga Centre, Tamil Nadu

Isha Yoga centre, Located at the foothills of the Velliangiri Hills, Tamil Nadu. This retreat centre offers you with various packages depending on your inner transformations. Moreover, they allow Guest to book and try off-seasons too. The accommodations include cottages and guestrooms with vegan meals. There are gender specific ghats and pillarless dome called the Dhyanalinga. Various annual musical and cultural programmes, conducted mainly during the Mahashivratri.

MahaShivRatri Isha Yoga

Dharmalay Institute, Himachal Pradesh

This campus- style ashram, Located in the deep forest of Bir. Their accommodation focuses on the environment. Here, the trainees have to abstain themselves from smoking and drinking. As well as, restricting the consumption of fish and meat. Moreover, They encourage you to take part in local community activities. Their courses include yoga and meditation classes during November end. Workshops are also conducted allowing you to follow a sustainable lifestyle.

Dharmalay Institute

Kaivalyam Retreat, Munnar.

Kerela, Also Called God’s country for a various reason and Kaivalyam is the one. Located amid the tea estates of Munnar at a beautiful hill station. This place experiences cool weather all year round. All the vegetables required at the retreat are grown there itself. Apart from having a daily yoga practice, practitioners can have hands-on farming experience with a plantation walk. Also, bird watching and campfire nights.

Kaivalyam Retreat

Anahata Yoga Retreat, Mysore.

This yoga retreat is a bit offbeat that the rest of the yoga and meditation schools in the country. It maintains a genuine ashram life, with a scheduled yoga practice. The complete 7-day course included 5-days ayurvedic massages. Organic meals, medication sessions followed by a 2-day cleansing programme. This school has an unique location between the forest and the lake.

Thus, You have many varied options for yoga retreats in India. Honestly, we not hooking you up with any specific ones. Just giving you ideas. So, you could start your retreat journey. Pick the most suitable one wisely and undergo a change. You need it!

Being a Yogi is not Just the Physical Performance

Being a Yogi is not Just the Physical Performance

Being a Yogi is not Just the Physical Performance



The perception of fitness has changed with time under the influence of social media. Yoga, for example, is not a physical art to be mastered in 2 weeks.
Online coaches who encourage fitness challenges, also promote yoga as a slimming workout. There are so many people who come to our yoga studio and their very first statement is “will yoga help in Losing Weight”.

It’s Trending 

        Also, there is a group of youtube worms who just wanna do yoga cause their favourite social media yoga idol is doing so many weird types of arm balances with ease which is not even a part of any yoga tradition. 
There is but, one problem. Yoga was never meant to serve a singular goal for a human’s mind or body. The 8 fold paths of yoga transcend over flexibility and slimness.

Yoga vs Other Sports

        Celebrity gurus teach over 500 students that yoga is a way of fitness and flexibility. The mental connection between the parties is missing in such a scenario. In fact, Most of these gurus start Gymnast, Martial Arts, Capoeira, Calisthenics at age of 3 or say at very young Age. And now after retiring from their profession due to age or injury, they are yoga experts. It’s good, as they bringing so many techniques into the field of Yoga. But yes they also bringing a different lineage which was not a part of yoga ever. 



The condition is Worst in India

Apart from that, in India, people organize yoga championships in schools and colleges. Where they decide the winner according to flexibility. So in their class, they are trained to win medals cause of flexibility and after some time they get injured badly or get some joint pain for the rest of the life. Many of these kids having hyper flexibility syndrome and that’s how they become a yogi at age of 6-8-10. without any knowledge of Yoga. These events are similar to circus nowadays.

Yogis believed a strong bond between student and teacher was the base of teaching. Years of practice under one master deepens the root towards Moksha.

Yogi Kids

Yogi Kids

1. Power of Healing

The main focus of yoga is to bring out a better us, heal us not only from physical ailments but remove negativities which crowd our mind. It is more than a gateway habit to bring ‘inner peace’. Fitness coaches encourage yoga or, ‘post-workout stretching’ to remove exercise aches. This is taught through online yoga-gurus who feed the misinformed followers only half of yoga’s goodness.

2. Medical aid Vs. Fitness Agenda

Modern coaches scrape out an entire age group when teaching yoga to their students. Yoga is mostly promoted through fitness celebrities online. The pictures and videos portray a perfect array of movement, poses, and performances which attract the general public. The misguided fans feel the crazier poses someone can pull off, the better they are at the art.
But for someone trying such poses, in the beginning, will harm their bodies which is opposite to the aim of yoga. Yoga teaches us to correct our postures and improve bone and muscle health. This way, no harm will be too severe during small mishaps.

3. Long-term Healing

Fitness enthusiasts of today’s time forget to promote aid for severely injured or old folks. Professionals such as gymnasts, dancers, etc. can be harmed through practice or performance.
Post-healing yoga practice helps in reducing the pain and find comfort in regular movements.
Yoga during old age helps to keep the bones strong, hence reduced joint ache. Yoga provides the mental strength to combat ailments which come with age. A healthy senior citizen should be under the target demographic of online yoga-gurus.

Yoga is not a method of performance. It is more than modern online yogis with super-flexible stance and stunts. Yoga is a way of wellbeing which makes us rise above the need for publicity. Fitness Yogis should promote the real advantages of yoga through social media.

Yogi Kids Capoeria gymnastics