4 weeks to practice Meditation Online

About This Event
Join Devesh Narwal in this six-week-long journey of virtual meditation carried out via online Classes. The
classes will commence from 20 May 2020 and will continue till 19 June 2020.
Class timings: 12.00 – 1.00 pm
Registration fees: $100

In response to the ongoing COVID pandemic, technology is acting as a boon in the stressful lives
of the people while offering numerous online opportunities and apps for mediation. However,
having a teacher to guide you through these hurdles will help you provide you with the much-
needed assistance. Time and again, meditation has proved its seriousness in reducing mental
stress and rejuvenating one’s mind and soul. Moreover, it is responsible for improving the
quality of your life and help you achieve a positive outlook on life.

Join Devesh Narwal, a well-known and experienced meditator in this six-week online courses
specially designed for beginners. Experienced meditators too who are looking forward towards
a life-changing refresher can make the best out of this course. Be a part of this gathering to
escape from the daily hustle and pandemic stress and allow your mind and body to re-energize.

Having an unbelievable experience of above 2000 plus hours devoted to yoga and meditation,
Devesh Narwal is a well-known Yoga expert who had undergone tremendous training under his
teacher Srivastava Ramaswami in the field of Vinyasa Yoga. Over the past few years, he has
been successful in establishing a beautiful blend between the traditional yoga practices and the
modern physiology techniques. His teaching style is oriented towards helpful breathing
techniques and Yoga movements that nurture your mind with enhanced concentration and
refine your body and soul.

We run an Off Line Program too for it
You now have the opportunity of selecting an appropriate option out of the many timing sets
offered—experience medication in a routine that is most ideal for your schedule. You can
always feel free to join the resident community in Rishikesh for a life-changing meditation session between
Tuesdays to Thursdays at timings 7.00 AM, 12.00 PM or 4.45 PM at the centre.

Get to experience a much-needed meditation routine of about 25-45 minutes along with the
assistance of the teacher as well as other residents.
If you prefer to move while performing mediation, then you could take up a walk through the
serene nature or simply indulge yourself in the essence of recreational activities. The venue will
not only encourage you to find peace within but will also help you unravel the beauty of
sublime nature.

Venue Highlights
We offer you one of the most acclaimed Yoga centers located amid a cosy terrain. Offering
active yoga sessions and training for millions of people around the world, the centre is a perfect
place for unveiling the mystery and indulging in mediation. Our centre also offers you with fully
equipped private cabins with peaceful settings.
Our centre also conducts numerous programs and sessions devoted to an encouraging talk on
spiritual topics and meditation. It also features a cosy dining room to enjoy your meals in the
company of other residents and residing guests.

We offer you cosy guest Rooms situated amid the forest to provide you with a calm and
peaceful atmosphere while on retreat. Many of the guests opined that the experience at the
forest was genuinely harmonious and tranquil. Resting in these guest cabins will allow you to
experience the serenity and calmness of the surrounding woods.

Standard cabins offered to you are fully equipped with air conditioning and heating facilities
along with Wi-Fi access and a full bathroom. These cabins also feature:
 Dresser
 Desk
 Twin beds
 Towels, pillows, bed linens and blankets
 Hand soap
 Insect repellents
 Wipes for removing makeup
 Comfortable chair
 Bathroom equipped with shower
 Tissues

 Free Parking
 Housekeeping
 Tea/Coffee
 Rooms with A/C
 Free Wi-Fi
 Towels

Menu Types
 Vegetarian
 Gluten-Free
 Dairy-Free

Cuisine / Menu
For breakfast, indulge yourself in a self-serve buffet that will include yoghurt, cereals, oatmeal
along with delicious toppings such as boiled eggs, raisins, nuts and a large variety of milk.
During weekends, we will also offer you with different bread varieties and toast toppings.
The main meal of the day – Lunch will be enjoyed together alongside the entire resident
community. Before the meal, we will indulge in a small yet effective prayer by surrounding the

dining table and offering a quick introduction of one’s self. Buffet for lunch would include Tofu,
a wide variety of vegetables and a healthy yet delicious dessert.
Supper will be enjoyed together in the community and will include a light, healthy meal. The
options will consist of vegetables, salad, soup and a delicious dessert.