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In “Yogic Chikitsa” course we will help you to know about yourself, physically,Mentally and Spiritually. A detailed practice of Yogic Chikitsa involve the 4 paths of Yoga, Raj yoga, Karma yoga, bhakti yoga and Gyan Yoga. 

The path of wisdom and wellness where we combined the traditional yoga with eastern wellness and western wellness.


Course Name

Residential Course


5 WEEKS 200Hrs
(Mon-Fri, 7.00am – 9.00pm)

Starting date

1st March
2nd April

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Most people are likely to practice Yoga, nowadays, so that they can get relief from the body pain and stay healthy with a fit body. There are several reasons why we suffer from body pain that is mostly related to our daily lifestyle. All of us have a swift life that does not allow us to take care of our bodies properly. Moreover, things like overworking, long drives, extreme usage of mobile phones are also responsible for this body pain, and muscle disorders. People who have desk jobs have to sit for long hours that sometimes leads to develop wrong body posture.
Some people also have age-old injuries causing pain in the joints. Before starting the yoga asanas, one must be aware of the reasons for pain so that they can find what type of treatment they need the most.

Pain, such as neck pain, back pain, etc. are commonly found in people at this present time. In our course, we try to focus on identifying the pain and teach the basics in the first place.
Different types of pain and the essential technique to cure them are discussed below in

Neck pain management

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Sitting in one particular position for a long time is the primary reason for neck pain. A wrong sitting posture and sleeping style can also cause pain around the neck area. If you use many pillows while sleeping, it will be difficult for your natural neck movement. Also, you should be aware of your limits before engaging yourself in substantial work to avoid neck pain.

In our courses, we have included different poses like Warrior II poses, Extended triangle poses, Cat-Cow poses, and more to get relief from the neck pain without many efforts.

Back pain management

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Age is an essential factor that is responsible for back pain. Besides age overweight or lack of exercise also can be the reason for back pain. Smoking prevents the blood flow towards the lower spine area, which comes with a high risk of back pain. Moreover, diseases like Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and skeletal irregularities enhance the pain in joints around the lower back area.

Initially, we teach the very basic methods to our students so that they can be accustomed to it quickly. Cat-Cow, Downward-Facing Dog, Extended Triangle, etc. are some fundamental poses that help to treat the back-pain problems effectively.

Knee pain management

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The most common reasons for knee pain are gout or rheumatoid arthritis etc. If you have a fracture, ACL injury, or torn meniscus, you must be suffering from knee pain. People who have dislocated kneecap and previous injuries are also in the same situation. Sometimes excess body weight, lack of flexibility in muscles, etc. can cause severe pain in your knees.

We come up with some simple but effective yoga poses that are very useful for reducing knee pain. There are some poses like Foam Rolling, Bridge Pose, Banana Pose, which are very easy to practice and make sure you get the maximum benefits for knee pain.

Anxiety and stress management

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At this present age, anxiety is a widespread problem that happens because of some external factors and internal factors as well. Stress at your workplace, in your relationship, the death of a beloved one can make you anxious. There are several other factors like financial stress, use of drugs, medical issues that play a significant role in anxiety. Sometimes, a situation like emphysema or pulmonary embolism can develop anxiety in you.

The poses included in our courses are very powerful and effective in reducing the anxiety problem and help you to live a stress-free life. There are various poses such as Hero Pose, Tree Pose, Triangle Pose, Fish Pose that are advantageous for anxiety management.

Lifestyle disorder and self-care

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In order to keep yourself healthy and fit, you must give priority to self-care. All of us have an unhealthy lifestyle, more or less. Constant work pressure, anxiety, stress, bad habits like smoking, and drinking make it worse. Therefore it is very much essential to be careful about our day-to-day lifestyles, and you should try to acquire more healthy habits to make yourself stronger.

Pranayama, Meditation, Savasana, Hatha Yoga are beneficial for a better lifestyle. It can improve your immune system and prevent you from different diseases effectively.

Methods to Manage Pain Effectively

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Now that you have got relief from the pain, you must adopt the right body posture and movement to become fit. In our courses, we have incorporated different series that will guide you on how to strengthen your body. Here we will talk about the most appreciated series of our courses so that you can have a better idea about the methods we follow.

Yogic Chikitsa Information

Gurukul of Healthy Habits

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Gurukul will help you to rearrange your daily schedule, discipline towards selfcare and holistic health. Our Gurukul of Healthy Habits is good for everyone who is looking for time for themselves to achieve a healthy body and happy mind.

Savasth Merudanda ( Healthy Spine)

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In this Course we will learn about the hand movements/mudras synchronizing with breath. Students will learn how to maintain a healthy and straight spine in this mobile era to maintain a good neuromuscular connectivity and curing all alignments/imbalances of upper and lower extremities of the body.

Sabal and Saksham (Yoga for Strength/Stability)

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We will help you to learn some traditional techniques to attain more strength , Stamina and stability. Will help you attain a better self and will also improve your every practice.

Dhayansheel (Developing Meditation Practices)

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A happy and stress free mind is lacking in this electronic era. The most important task for us is to build a control on our monkey mind. We will help you to be healthy with some easy meditation techniques to balance all metaphysical and psychosomatic disorders of the human body and to follow the path of non-reaction and stillness of mind.

Prana Shakti (Power of Breathing)

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The Prana Shakti part will help you to decondition your irregular breathing patterns and channelise prana in your body. Channelizing Prana will establish a strong connection and good control of mind, body and soul. We will help you to control your mind and pave a way for dhyana. This is where the true essence of yoga comes.

Techniques, Training, Practice

Overall we are covering all the systems of a human body to channelize properly.

In this segment we cover the following:

Mantras chanting and Sound healing

Exploring the interconnection of all vibrations in “shabad brahman” through vedic chanting and Tibetan sound meditation.

Yoga Tradition

Our Course covers the 8 limbs and 4 paths of Yoga. Suksham Vyayam, Surya Namaskar, Practice of Asanas, Vinyasa Krama, Pranayama, Mantras chanting and Sound healing, Meditation and Dhayan.

Surya Namaskar

Break down of surya namaskar from different methods of yoga (Vinyasa, ashtanga, Hatha etc)

Practice of Asanas and Vinyasa Kramas

In the form of Vinyasa flows, Movements, inversions we help you to be calm and stable in the Asanas. 


Laying foundation of pranayama with pranayama preparation and building on it with Bandhas, kriyas and meditation from both Indian and Tibetan Yogic systems

What you will Learn


Pain Management and Movement


The Energy of Breathing.


Posture Alignment


Postural adjustment and Corrections.


Kyphosis, Scoliosis, Lordosis, Sciatica Problems




Mudras and Bandhas


Fundamentals of Yoga

Tentative Schedule:

6.30 Wake up/self care

7.00 – 7.30 am Class 1 (Cleaning/Detoxification)

7.30 – 7.50 Tea Time

8.00 – 9.30 Class 2 (Practice Class)

9.30-10.15 Breakfast

11.00 -12.30 Class 3 (Theory/master class)

12.30 – 13.30 lunch

14.00-15.00 Rest

15.00-15.45 Class 4 (Meditation)

16.00- 18.00 Self Activity/Tea time

18.00-19.30 Class 5 (Practice Class)

19.30-20.15 dinner

20.30-21.00 Class 6 (Meditation)

21.00 Lights off

Self Care and Improvement.

Technique of demonstrating and guiding which improves your overall practice and daily life.Sequence modification if needed to suit special needs. The module also includes safety, injury prevention and basic injury protocol training essential to all professionals involved in movement culture. Understanding human anatomy and physiology from the yoga asana perspective giving the students a unique perspective and approach towards the class.

This module includes:

Introducing the body physiology – how the body functions

The effect of asanas and pranayama on the body

Skeletal-muscular structure of human body, joints with a focus on

Yoga Anatomy

Movement synergy

Common yoga injuries and their preventive measures through alignment and effort lines

The Schedule could change according to the type of Class or availablity of teacher. 

Course Material: Self Notes Making

Fees/Payments: $ 2250/– (Twin Sharing+yogic meals) Inclusive Taxes

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